Full Rendered

  • Bust: 55€

  • Half: 77€

  • Full: 97€


  • Bust: 28€

  • Half: 33€

  • Full: 41€


  • Bust: 23€

  • Half: 28€

  • Full: 36€

For additional characters, count 90% of the price of the first character (For exemple if the commission is full rendered, the first character will cost 97€, and the second 87€).

For backgrounds, it will depend on the complexity. A desert can for example cost 10€, whereas a forest can cost 30€, and a complex building (like in an haussmannian style) 80€.

There can be extra fees for commercial uses.

Pricing examples

Example A : 55€
Full rendered bust (55€) + No background

Example B: 146€
Full rendered half (77€) + Additional character (69€) + No background

Example C: 244€
Full rendered Full (97€) + Additional character (87€) + Background (60€)

Example D: 147€
Full rendered Half (77€) + Background (70€)


Please never use AI generated images as references.

What I can draw

  • Original characters (OC);

  • Fanart;

  • Real people;

  • Animals and creatures;

  • Mechanical devices;

  • SFW and NSFW.

What I won't draw

  • Anything too violent or with too many triggers

  • Tracing someone else's art

What I love drawing

  • Couples, families, friends

  • Frills

  • Flowers

  • Jewelry

  • Soft atmospheres

  • Forests, witch houses, SHIPS...I love fantasy backgrounds

  • Food & drinks

  • Muscled, slim, chubby...all kinds of body types!

  • Birds

  • Bunny suits

How I process

  • I will ask for every details possible before sending an invoice and a sketch;

  • You can ask up to 3 free modifications, but there'll be extra fees beyond that;

  • As soon as the invoice is paid, I'll start the cleaning! If you ask, I can send the step by step;

  • If the total price is more than 100€, you can pay in 2 times. But I will ask you for the rest of the payment before sending the finished drawing to you!

You can use my drawings for

  • Yourself (avatar, gift, tattoo, roleplay...etc);

  • Any type of project (video, novel, video game...etc);

  • Any type of communication medium (Twitch, poster, youtube thumbnail...etc).

For any questions feel free to send me a message!